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Balaji Minechem Foundary Grade Bentonite is a sodium based bentonite of high purity mined and processed especially for foundry from ores with high compositions of montmorollinite.
The main features of Balaji Minehem Foundry Grade Bentonite are listed below :-
. Excellent gelling which gives high strength in less mulling time.
. Swelling & pH Maintaining.
. Acts as a quick bonding element.
. Great thermal stability with generation of lesser dead clay.
. Active clay maintaining due to high montmorillonite values.
. High Strength on good compatibility.
. Environmentally Acceptable.

Foundry Normal Bond
Foundry Insta Bond
Foundry Super Bond
Foundry High Bond
Free Swelling Volume 2 gm/10 mlml20-2224-2528-3032-35
Methylene Blue Absorptionmg/gm of clay325-350375-400375-425400-450
Gel time 2.5 gm/25mlSecond1 minInstantInstantInstant
Wet Tensile Strength (N/cm2)ml0.20-0.220.23-0.250.25-0.300.30-0.40
Gelling Indexml80-9080-9085-9085-90
Moisture Content % bt weight12% max12% max12% max12% max
PH Value 2% slurypH9.0-10.09.0-10.09.0-10.09.0-10.0
Green Compression Strengthpsi121212.512.5
Passing 200 mesh85 min.85 min.85 min.85 min.


Our Bentonite is unique sodium based bentonite. Our IOP grade bentonite is extraordinary solutions for Iron Ore Pellet binding and it can also with stand higher temperature since it contains more percentages of metal. The grade is also having higher natural percentage of Iron which is ideal in isolating ore pellets with the maximum percentages of Iron. The Iron Ore Palletisation plant can able to maintain active clay levels with reduced additions of Bentonite since IOP grade bentonite is having high Mont Values, It also offers more supervisor thermal durability.

IOP Insta Bond
IOP Super Bond
IOP High Bond
Free Swellings Volume 2gm/100 mlml28-3030-3232-35
Methylene Blue Absorptionmg/gm of clay350-375375-400400-450
Moisture Content % by weight12% max12% max12% max
Passing 200 mesh If powder85 min.85 min.85 min.


Swelling10-15 cc
Moisture10-12 %
pH10 + 0.5
Fineness75 to 80 microns (200 mesh)
Montmorillonite80 to 90%

The Importance of Balaji Minechem Poultry & Cattle Feed Grade Bentonite Powder

  • It works as a toxin binder for aflatoxins, ochratoxins and T2 toxins
  • It dose not bind vitamins in the gut.
  • It maintains the acid-base balance of the gut.
  • The special mineral components protect the liver and so liver generation is faster. 5. It increases the viscosity of food in the gut the movement of ingest a slows down. Food remains in the intestine for a longer time. Due to this the cow get more time to absorb the nutrients.
  • Balaji Minechem Poultry & Cattle Feed Grade Bentonite Powder acts as an immune supportive supplement because of which the general mortality comes down.
  • Its work as pellet binder. Wastage due to fines in minimal. Pellets will be hard and at the same time dissolve in water faster.
  • It replaces molasses as a pellet binder. Hence saving of money reduction in losses.
  • It improvement of pellet durability
  • Reduction in losses due to pellet turning to powder on breaking.
  • Lubricating action resulting in less friction and therefore reduced wear on die plates and reduction in energy consumption.


Bentonite is as a mud constituent for oil and water well drilling. Its role is mainly to seal the borehole walls, to remove drill cuttings and to lubricate the cutting head. The special higher mud yield results in using less quantity of Bentonite for the same standard mud. This results in lesser requirement of Bentonite.
. Retains thixotopic properties when met with brine and high temperature in deep drilling.
. Gives high barrel yield.
. Withstands formation pressure.
. API 13 A Section : 9 Grade Bentonite Powder: Physical Analysis:

API 13 A Section : 9 Grade Bentonite Powder :
Physical Analysis

Viscometer Dial Reading at 600 RatioAPI spec. 13A:2004/lSO 13500:1998r/min3034
Yield Point/Plastic Viscosity RatioAPI spec. 13A:2004/lSO 13500:19983max2.85
Filtrate VolumeAPI spec. 13A:2004/lSO 13500:1998ML15max14.4
Moisture ContentAPI spec. 13A:2004/lSO 13500:1998% by weight10.0 max10
Dry Screen Analysis (Reside Greater than 75 Micron) %API spec. 13A:2004/lSO 13500:1998% by weight4.0 max3.0-4.0

OCMA DFCP - 4 Grade Bentonite Powder :
Physical Analysis

YieldOCMA DFCP-4bbls/2000 lbs90 min99-115
A.P.I Filtrate Lossmg/gm of clayMl15.0 max13-14
Moisture ContentOCMA DFCP-4% by weight15.0 max10.012.0
Dry Screen Analysis 100 Mash Sieve residueOCMA DFCP-4% by weight98.0 min98.5
Wet screen Analysis 200 Mesh Sieve residueOCMA DFCP-4% by weight2.5 max1.75


At the time of boring for Pile, the sides of the bore hole are subjected to numerous external forces and pressure like active earth pressure, hydrostatic pressure, pore pressure, etc. due to underground water. As a result the side of the bore become unstable and may collapse if the soil layers remain weak. Due to its thixotropic property, bentonite is used as a supporting fluid to counter the external pressures and stabilize the sides of the bore hole. Balaji Minechem Overseas Piling Grade Bentonite is a sodium based bentonite of exceptionalpurity procured from ores with a high composition of montmorollinite.
The main features of Balaji Minechem Piling Grade Bentonite listed below:-
. Large Surface Area.
. Commendable Gelling Strength.
. Excellent plasticity and lubricity.
. Impermeability.
. Significantly low filter loss Environmentally Acceptable

Foundry Normal Bond
Foundry Insta Bond
Foundry Super Bond
Foundry High Bond
Liquid Limitml350-400400-450450-500500-600
Free Swellings Volume 2 gm/100 mlmg/gm of clay22-2525-2828-3030-35
Particlesizefiner than 75 Micron Dry Passing85 min85 min85 min85 min
Marsh Funnel ViscocityMin.30-3235-3740-4550-55
pH Value 2% SlurrypH9-109-109.5-109.5-10
Passing 200 Mesh83-85min83-85min83-85min83-85min
Gel Time 2.5 gm/2.5 mlSecond1 minInstantInstantInstant
Moisture Content % by weight12% Max12% Max12% Max12% Max